A Glimpse at change
Art Direction / Self Initiated / 2018 

In this post-digital world, pop culture continues to play an active role in our daily lives; influencing our thoughts, behaviours and identities. Social media has also made the Americanisation of cultures more immediate. A Glimpse at Change visually takes you through the journey of a millennial's relationship with Indian culture and Western culture using images that constitute the fabric of everyday life. It reflects on the present in relation to the past and narrates a slow, gradual dominance that western culture has made in India. It is an attempt to encourage the youth who have become mere representations of the West, to stop and consider what they are consuming, and how it is shaping them.


It takes the shape of a square, inspired by Instagram, to give the viewer a feeling of flipping through their life with each image. The book consists of over 400 images that are split into six categories that span from childhood to present day and all the stages in between. It makes the viewer realise just how much of a role the images we see all around us play in shaping who we are and what we identify with.