Aesthetics of a kere 

The Nagawara Lake also called Kere, in bangalore, is a picture of contrasts. One side of it makes for the perfect outing spot — with a boating facility, children’s play area and beautiful landscaping, there’s plenty to keep visitors engaged. On the other side, the fishing department makes their livelihood. On this side the lake is only attraction and view. The best view of the lake is from this side. It is a leisure spot for the public and has a very small space for the fishing department to do their daily business. The recreation park however uses the lake just as a backdrop and the lake loses all its significance. 


I bring together both these contrasting ends and show the viewer how we have changed something so natural and beautiful into an urbanised, boring and monotonous space. Through the photographs I have taken and I bring together the two sides of the lake and allow the viewer to see the difference in aesthetics. At the same time, I give them an opportunity to make connections between the images and create their own interpretation for each visual. I have used the images in the form of a calendar design to allow the viewer to have access to the visuals regularly, so they can constantly recreate narratives for the visuals they see.

Photography and Publication Design / Self Initiated / 2016