Same space different sight
Publication Design / Self Initiated / 2016
The different species

Type visualisation

Visualising through their features



Darwin’s Theory of Evolution states that we are all descendants from a common ancestor, we have adapted and evolved differently to form such varied living species. However, with the increasing dependence on technology in today’s world, we humans are able to enhance our physical features, to gain some of the qualities that other species possess through the natural evolution process. This book is an exploration of how humans might use the qualities of other species when their features are replaced with that of another specie.


Have you ever wondered what another species eye sight looks like? If it's the same as ours or different? Same space different sight takes you through a journey of visual exploration, by learning about 7 different species. It gives you a chance to visualise what it must be like to see through their eye sight as a human.


It provides knowledge about ocular vision, facts about other species eye sight and exercises to make us experience what it must be like for them from the comfort of our homes. I use type, mixed media and colours to visualise different species vision. This book was made in an attempt to make learning fun.