Trudeau vs trudeau
Publication Design / Self Initiated - Collaboration / 2018 
Speech vs reality

Body language vs Speech

People Person


Language in politics plays a powerful role. Trudeau vs Trudeau examines the contrasts inherent in Justin Trudeau's 2017 UN speech through the broader theme of people and citizens. The overall aim is to encourage a capricious millennial audience to be more critical of the political contexts in their country and on a larger, global scale. 

Justin Trudeau’s popularity and subsequent election victory was partly achieved via social media propagation which targeted young voters in Canada. This project provides a counterpoint to this approach. Through the design of a publication the wider scope of soundbites and public image driven politics is explored. The form of the publication incorporates the theme of duality by using soundbites from his speech and comparing it to his own words that contradict it, his body language, his public image and headlines from newspapers that contradict his statements. Thereby changing the narrative of his speech using his own words and actions.